ACMP gets lots of support from smear campaign

Well someone with too much time and obviously no work clearly does not get our workshop emails, has decided to discredit our not for profit volunteer run Photography organisation that has worked consistently over the last 20 years for the benefit of professional photographers and our industry. A rather long winded one sided slant has provoked many silent hard working professionals to speak out against this begrudged individual. Well done I commend you all.

Dear Photo.pierre2000Aaol where ever you are , we know who you are

Begin forwarded message:

From: Ken Duncan <>
Date: 10 September 2014 4:39:13 pm AEST
To: Peter <>
Cc: <>, <>
Subject: Re: ACMP Issues or problems

Who are you Peter and are you actually a ACMP member?

What gives you the right to spam people?

It is easy to tear something down but what has ‘Photo Pierre’ done for the photographic industry?

It is difficult work trying to run any organisation especially if it is done while trying to run a business.

I am sure the ACMP board is doing the best job they can. I admire anyone who at least stands up and has a go.

I am a member of both ACMP and AIPP as well as many other associations.

I don’t join these organisations for what is in it for me but more in support of what it may bring to the photographic industry I love.

So as ]Thumper in Bambi says ‘If you can’t say anything nice say nothing at all’

With respect

Ken Duncan OAM

From: Peter <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 03:31:23 -0400
To: <>
Subject: ACMP Issues or problems

Dear ACMP Members,

Recently a number of complaints have been lodged against the Australian Commercial and Media Photographers (ACMP) with the Department ofFair Trading.

At the same time enquiries have been made with ICAC and ACCC as to whether the ACMP might have committed various breaches of the Corporations Act.

It might be opportune for members of the ACMP to ask the members of the board as well as the CEO, Brian Katzen some pertinent questions, to ensure that they receive all the benefits that they have been promised, paid for and are entitled to:

  1. What is the exact number of members of the ACMP? Has the ACMP misled its potential and existing members as well as potential and existing trade affiliates about the exact numbers by inflating them substantially?In associations like ACMP, the number of paid up members, hence the membership revenue and the critical mass determine the strength of the Association and its ability to look after itsmembers and sponsors/trade affiliates who pay substantial monies to reach as many photographers as possible to promote and sell their products and services to. For several years the ACMP has claimed through its website to have about 400 members.Is this correct, as it seems that for the past 2 or 3 years there have been only 100 full members?As a comparison, AIPP has about 2500 member
  2.  How many student and emerging members are there are exactly?  It seems less than 50, would that be correct?
  3.  Have the sponsors been misled with excessive and incorrect claims concerning membership numbers?
  4. If members and trade affiliates have been misled about the exact number of members as well as the benefits received, should they be entitled to a refund for monies paid?
  5. How many members have not renewed their membership each year during the past 3 years?  Is it true that during those 3 years nearly 50% of members have failed to renew, and if so why?
  6. What has the association’s income been during the past 6 months?  Does the income cover all the outgoings?  What is the current bank balance and is there any possibility for the association to become insolvent in the near future?
  7. The ACMP website claims a number of trade affiliates and sponsors.  Is the list indicated accurate or has it been inflated to appear more impressive, therefore misleading?
  8. The ACMP claims on its website many activities to “safeguard and promote the interests of photographers”, including regular workshops.  Looking at the activities calendar on the website during the past 9 months, as well the next 6 monthsthere seems to be practically no events or workshops.  Is that the case?  (During 2000 and 2011 there seems to have been  3 to 5 different events on many months).
  9. How many workshops have actually taken place during the past 9 months?  How many workshops are programmed during the next 6 months?
  10. How many are only repeats of previous events?
  11. “The Collection”.  The last collection was in 2005.  Since then the ACMP has claimed on its website that it “is due to be relaunched in the near future embracing all that new technology has to offer”.  That was 9 years ago. Why is that claim still being made?
  12.  Exhibitions.  The ACMP claims: “The ACMP runs regular projects to showcase the depth of talent of ACMP photographers.”.  Was the last one in 2010?  Why have no more showcases been organised during the past few years?
  13. “Bang Your Drum” was meant to “give photographers an opportunity to display their work”.  Was the last one in 2010?  Why has nothing been organised since then for ACMP photographers?
  14. When and why has the ACMP closed it’s office?  Is it appropriate for an association like the ACMP to operate out of a PO Box and only 2 days a week  for only a few hours?
  15.  Are all the board members fully aware of their obligations as defined by the Corporations Act and how are they ensuring that those are carried out as required by law?

It might be timely for you to ask yourself whether a $377 annual membership fee is value for money, or whether you are simply being misled and ripped off?

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