AIPP and ACMP join forces for professional photographers

AIPP and ACMP join forces for professional photographers

You might have heard there’s been some big news recently in the photographic industry. AIPP and ACMP, the two leading professional photographic associations in Australia have now joined together to better represent the interests of all their members and the wider photographic world.

With the merger, ACMP members will now directly benefit from a wider network of knowledge and support, as well as the solid existing infrastructure already in place by the AIPP.There are added bonuses that also come with the change such as being part of the APPA awards, having access to the possibility of sponsorships, prizes and new initiatives available to all members. We are also now able to offer much, much more to our members in Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane bringing them closer than ever before to the opportunities that Melbourne and Sydney members have been able to make use of previously.

Photographers can now boast the AIPP accredited logo if they have met the requirements of the new accreditation process, giving clients peace of mind that they are using the experts in their field.

The exciting move is a result of serious strategic thinking between the two organisations, and has been supported by some of the industries most influential people.

“It’s fantastic. A really good thing for the industry and for commercial photographers” says Chris Shain. “The industry recognises that the ACMP brand is very strong, and so have the AIPP.”

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