City Meditation – the effect of stillness in motion -Lis Cancio

City Meditation Lis Cancio

City Meditation Lis Cancio What a relaxing shoot watching the experienced yoga and meditation teacher Lis Cancio strike a pose, and an awesome opportunity to try out some Cinemegraphs, a technique I have been exploring, the effect of stillness in movement .
Lis is involved in facilitating corporate leadership programs. Providing practical tools for stress management and emotional intelligence to enhance productivity and creativity in the workplace.
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Meditation completely rejuvenates the nervous system. The energy and clarity gained enhance our ability to adapt rather than react to challenges, we become less stressed and naturally more happy. Some other researched benefits include:
Lis says due to the current pace and pressures of modern living we can easily deplete our energy. Stress and tiredness dull the perception, strain our health and ability to think clearly and effectively. This clouds our experience with loved ones, hinders our productivity and well being.

Vedic Meditation is a simple and natural technique practiced with the eyes closed for 20min twice daily. The attention dives inward with the effortless use of a personalised mantra (mind vehicle).
Durning the process of meditation the mind naturally de-excites, moving toward more orderly states of awareness. As the mind settles, the body also relaxes, acquiring an incredibly deep state of rest equivalent to several hours of sleep. This rest has some tremendous benefits for the body and brain such as reducing stress hormones like cortisol, decreasing muscle tension, normalising blood pressure and increasing the order and coherence of the brain.

I wanted to learn more about Vedic meditation so I enrolled in her weekend workshop
The Intro Talk on Vedic Meditation is OPEN to ANYONE curious or interested in learning more about the practice. It covers details such as how the technique works, the benefits, science and structure of the course. These sessions are approximately 45 – 60min long and are FREE of charge and obligation, FRIENDS and FAMILY are WELCOME!

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