Color management and retouching event

acmp and aipp join to run a successful color management and retouching event

Richard Weinstein from the ACMP and David Roche from AIPP sat down and worked out a series of upcoming workshops suited to our ever changing industry

The Venue Momento Pro, Presentations by David Crowther of Color Graphic Services and James Yeom from Wacom followed by a digital retouching demo by Wassim  Bazzi and Judith Caingat , lucky door prize draws and drinks

Got a great idea for a  photography event


feedback from one contestant

On Tuesday I went to the Refined Spaces event run by AIPP & ACMP at the Momento Pro offices in Chippendale.
Tickets were very well priced for industry & non-industry members.
First, there was a colour management demonstration run by X-rite, which I found really informative and useful.

They talked about how to calibrate your monitor, and the importance of colour management in the industry.

Next we watched two professional retouchers work on some images from the RAW file to the output product.
It was such a valuable experience to see how other people edit their work and the different techniques that professional retouchers use. I gained a lot of useful tips from this demo in particular.
There was also a rep from Wacom on the night who was explaining how to use their tablets and showing us the new range of Wacom gear. I actually won the Lucky door prize and got the brand new Intuos Pro tablet! (RRP $349) which is amazing!
I also answered a question correctly at the end of the night and won the $150 Momento Pro Voucher, which I can’t wait to use!
Some others on the night got a complimentary book from Momento Pro, and we were able to have a look at all their books around the office.
The print quality is of such a high standard, and it was really great to see the final products and feel the different paper types on display at Momento Pro.
I loved that at any time during the night, we could ask questions about certain things and the presenters would stop and explain things so it was easy to follow and understand.
Overall, it was a hugely successful night and I hope they run something like this again in the future!
You can check out some of my work here that I will be using my Momento Pro voucher to print:

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