D’urban fashion shoot for 2013 on location at Carriageworks

Carriageworks provided the perfect setting to shoot the latest campaign for D’urban suiting campaign for 2013. Matt Pearson from Viviens Models was the perfect fit for this luxury brand of mens clothing. His personality and professionalism made the shoot run smoothly and allowed us to get through a large no of shots  , supported and helped by the amazing crew, who were involved from the conceptual and casting , always brilliant.

Styling and props by Stav Hortis, her attention to detail and creativity bring a fresh energy to the photography shoot, grooming hair and make up by Desiree Wise, digital and lighting by  Michael Elkins and Annaliese Raftl. Many thanks to Michael Simmons from Helder Distributors, our client, who allowed us the freedom to explore our creativity and guide our vision , and huge thanks to Jessica Head from Spice and Soul Pr for all the support and positive feedback.
Fine fabrics , perfect fit, a D’urban suit.

D’urban Fashion Campaign 2013- styled by Stav Hortis make up Desiree Wise – worn by Matt Pearson from Viviens.

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