Fujifilm x100s the perfect travel camera

Fujifilm x100s the perfect travel camera

Heading to the 5 day Woodford Folk Festival I decided to try out the Fujifilm X100s rangefinder camera which I had heard so many great reviews about. I was excited to test out the low light capabilities and quality of the 23mm F2 lens optics and 16.3MP and APSC-sensor, and most of all rediscover my passion for street and documentary photography. Link to book review of the festival     http://blur.by/1cDhPrp.

The camera arrived the day before leaving and a quick read of the manual and some testing of raw files and a few set programs we were ready to go. I immediately loved the retro understated look and feel of the body and almost silent shutter. This small lightweight compact camera is so easy to carry all day, its rugged and quick start up makes it ready for any situation. The focus and setting do take a little time getting used to and if you want to work in manual you have to keep checking the setting to capture those decisive moments.

Street photography at woodford folk festival

I am usually working with medium format and a case full of heavy 35mm bodies and lenses so working with this little joy really freed me up to play and explore some new techniques and mixed lighting scenes , but the most interesting observation when working with the Fuji is the reaction of my subjects or non reaction ,almost invisible the Fuji is quiet,  unobtrusive and nice to look at and it doesn’t cover your face when taking someones picture , something I really enjoy, as I like to come in close and talk to the people I photograph. Its hard to describe but it has a softer feel when photographing and approaching strangers and sensitive scenes.

The theme of Woodford this year was ‘Love Your Monster” and I based the  theme of my project on people in love,  love symbols and the musicians playing at the time – It was wonderful to reconnect with my LOVE for photography and the amazing  new friends I made on this journey.

So another format to charge / new card readers and RAW file formats to convert , but its all worth it for that image and I find this camera is comfortable on my shoulder and creating wonderful images , more thoughts and examples  to follow in the next few weeks as I trial the fuji in the studio  and using external flash. xxx Richard

link to book review of the festival     http://blur.by/1cDhPrp

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