Magpie attacks talent on our photo-shoot

Have you ever considered a career in health and fitness ? this is the only place to go, I picked up so many tips  from these pro’s

shooting the new collateral for the Australian Institute of Fitness this week was just energy energy energy all the way, inspired on by Phil Ayers from Shop Sixteen who’s creative vision and great planning even managed to muster in some perfect weather under a forecast of rain , and despite  the dangers of the park, nothing could stop this crew

Thanks to some great fitness models , athletes and trainers whom you would have met at the recent Filex Show

and then followed by an awesome shoot in the studio with Michelle Bridges, who is always so delightful and professional to work with , thank you MB

Simon finally brings out the big rope to which finally puts a end to Emily

Never ever thought the amazing Emily Skye could go down-LOL

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