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Jana Pittman for Diamond Guild – Beyond Blue

portraits of fire NSW rescue team leader

Portrait Photography by Richard Weinstein – Client NSW Fire and Rescue – Agency Clockwork Productions


portrait and corporate photgrapher in sydney

Black and white Portraits of Dinusha Ratnaweera – Producer on set of The Greatest Shave

Photographic Portrait of Mark Eliott- Sudney Glass Artist


Portrait of Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull – A beautiful portrait will always stand the test of time


                                                         A Portrait Is About a Person, Not How They Look


Bronwyn Bishop for Sydney Eistedfodd



White and Ass for Thursday Design



business man corporate portrait

business man corporate portrait of asian man

As a photographer, I offer solutions to any potential obstacles and problems. I’m looking to create the best outcome for my subjects, so keeping options open for the client is important. Whether they want to shoot in a studio, on location, or in their own home – I’ve built my equipment kit to accommodate their needs and wants.

David Gonski patron of the Montefiore Home business man corporate portrait

David Gonski patron of the Montefiore Home

aged care old man portrait

Portrait Campaign for aged care corporate brochure

Montefiore Home- Agency The Mendoza Group

A Portrait Does Not Have to Flatter the Subject


business man in suit john cutler bespoke tailor

Portrait of John Cutler -Sydneys finest bespoke tailor who is world renowned has inspired me to produce some of my best work – http://www.cutlerbespoke.com.au/


don walker portrait of man in suit for corporate brochure

Don Walker


Matt Gitau for Alpha Magazine rugby legend

Matt Gitau for Alpha Magazine


Mark Webber for Alpha Magazine in suit corporate portrait

Mark Webber for Alpha Magazine


The recipe for a good portrait entails more than just photo and lighting gear. It starts with the photographer making a distinct effort to connect with the subject so they are at ease with the image-making process. This can often include advance research on your portrait subject and his or her interests—everything from familiarising yourself with their passions to bring up as a conversation starter, to specific environmental factors, such as their favourite music playing in the studio to make them feel more relaxed during the shoot.

Brian Lara Cricket legend in suit studio portrait

Brian Lara Cricket legend

Australian Institute of Fitness athletes and fitness michelle bridges

John Eals for Alpha Magazine

In shooting a portrait, you are effectively translating a three-dimensional face into a flat plane of space, so deciding on your lens or focal length and positioning the camera in a way that complements your subject’s features will have a significant effect on the success of the resulting image. The overwhelming variety of individual facial features and combinations thereof—from heavy brows to pronounced noses to double chins and beyond—furthers the challenge of capturing a pleasing portrait of any given subject.

Richard Weinstein Photography hair care shaving featuring a mans shaved head

A Portrait Is About the Subject, Not the Photographer

One of my most memorable portrait sessions was photographing Nelson Mandela


What our client are saying

Hey Richard

Was just looking at the photos again and I wanted to say thank you so so much one more time, as I am just SO SO over the moon, you made this so much easier and more enjoyable than I possible could’ve imagined it would be and I really appreciate you helping me out.

Thank you!!

Zoe Davis
Solicitor | Project Manager | Consultant